All Female Asian Tour

Big news I am on an all-women lineup of Asian artists touring Wellington, Whanganui and Auckland.

This is a killer gig with Reshma MartinErsha Island 二沙岛myself  and DJ RNG+sus.

Tour dates:

Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington Friday 18 November, at Meow Bar,

Whanganui on the 19th of November at Porridge Watson,

Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland 26th November at Basement Theatre.

Reshma Martin: Award nominee and Malaysian pop sensation known for her involvement with NZ reality show Popstars in 2021 and her newly released single titled ‘Loneliest Girl’,

Erhsa Island 二沙岛 hailing from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, sisters Dani 丹丹 and Tee 婷婷 now create mesmerising and memorable soul-pop compositions featuring their piano and violin pedigree.

Closing the evening with a dj set each night with  DJ RNG+sus

Tickets and information here

New Music Video: Woke

Pleased to share with you the music video for my song Woke. Woke is deeply personal. It looks at the hypocrisy of virtue signalling and the trend based social justice jumping. When minorities facing prejudice/hate have been living with it the whole time, often ignored, often told we are making a big deal out of nothing or misunderstanding a situation. There is nothing to misunderstand about the residual and continued impacts of white supremacy.

New Single: Self Help

My new single Self Help is coming out!

Self Help is a punch back at the Wellness and Self-Improvement industries profiting off insecurities and the constant barrage of advice we all get on how to live our lives. A commentary about the current self-help culture that puts the blame of systemic issues caused by inequality and deprivation on individuals by telling them to ‘trying harder.’

The song is a Peaches meets Devo sounding fun bouncy number, a chance to forget about daily pressures and just have a dance.

Off The Tracks Podcast

Had a fantastic chat with Simon Sweetman for his podcast Off The Tracks. Simon is a writer, producer and music reviewer, together we talked all things poetry, spoken word, music as well as my upcoming Fringe Show, Eat These Words and setting up the Wellington Asian Musicians Network. Listen in by following the link below.

Letter to the child I am not planning to conceive

I am really pleased to have my latest poem published by Mxogyny.  A fantastic online magazine dedicated to writing related to women’s issues, gender and gender identity.

In this poem, I raise my personal feelings on whether to choose motherhood and try to discuss the concerns that all women face before deciding to have children

Letter to the child I am not planning to conceive


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Sex Pest

I have a new video for my track Sex Pest
I wanted to have a go at animation.  I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, but I am not in a hurry to do it again.
I wrote this poem after a night of chats with a friend sharing our experiences. Which led to a discussion about how when we were younger sexual pressure and objectification was often dismissed as simply immature behaviour, that what we thought were blurry lines between assault and bad behaviour are actually quite clear, and how even though almost every women we knew had been assaulted, we didn’t know of anyone who had reported an assault. But it’s not all serious because when right, sex is fun and sometimes even funny.