Music Gig, November 24th, 7pm, Entry £3 (Concession), £5 (Standard):

The Shape of Celery (Our DiY Show), The 13th Note Glasgow.  Event info here.


Music Gig, November 26th, 5pm, Free:

Festive Gathering BAME Artists, Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh.


Spoken Word, December 4th, 7pm, Entry £4 (Concession, £6 (Standard):

Die Bard, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh info here


Spoken Word, December 11th, 6pm, donation:

Festive Fundraiser for the Homeless, Lighthouse Books, Edinburgh info here


Mugic Gig, December 13th, 7.30pm:

Festi Muffs, Punk Gig at Leith Depot, Edinburgh info here