Album: Minor Thing

On June 17th 2021 Miss Leading released her debut album Minor Thing. The song’s within the album a play on words reflecting on the role of being a minority as a queer, female person of colour and striking ‘minor’ note on major issues that are often cast aside including climate change, mental health, human rights.

Miss Leading is a New Zealand born electronic music producer, singer and poet of Indian and Pakeha heritage.  She produces happy melodic Alt-Pop music that sits as a juxtaposition to her depressing lyrics on social topics of environment, inequalities and sexuality using the Wellington made Synthstrom Deluge which she affectionately calls ‘The Delorean’.

Since returning to NZ, Miss Leading has performed at festivals across the North and South Island and is the founder of the Eastern Sound Collective, a network of Wellington musicians who aim to support Asian artists who are underrepresented in western music. Outside of music Miss Leading is also a performance poet and is preparing a new show for the New Zealand arts festival in March 2022.

Her album has been played on radio in NZ, France and the UK.

A Five-star review on Music.Net of Minor Thing described the album as ‘intriguing, wonderful, charming and fascinating.’

And on French Arts Blog Sun Burns ‘An album that that contains a whole world, feminine, enlightened, filled with hope and respect. We can dream of a better world where this kind of music would take the upper hand. This would be deserved and would surely mean that we have collectively progressed.’

Miss Leading invites you to listen to her album available on all online streaming platforms.


Music production, songwriting and singing: Miss Leading
Album recorded and mixed: Marc Freeman
Satsuma and Woke vocals recorded by Bryan Jones
Album Mastered: Benny Tones at Organik Muzik Workz 2021